Experiential Methodologies

Innovative and unique approach to training delivery through a fusion of Theatre, Music and outbound activities

Customized Training Solutions

We ensure that all our modules and case studies are created in collaboration with and based on concrete work scenarios of our clients and participants

Fun Yet Stimulating

We guarantee that there is never a dull moment for our participants' learning experience. At the same time it's not just about fun but also on how this experience influences and help build their skills

Our Organisation

Reflex - Training Partners is an experiantial Training organisation that breaks shackles of conventional training by deploying techniques of Corporate Theater, Music & Outbound thus bringing in cutting edge learning experiance . We specialize in Talent Advancement for Managerial & Behavioral Skills. We are a Solution-Driven team with customized programs dedicated to the essence of Learning and Development.

We are the training arm of Flex-I Partners, a leading executive search firm across India & GCC. We focus on Behavioral trainings & Creative problem solving to produce the most creative, memorable, and effective communications possible for our clients.


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Experiential learning is the process of learning throught experience, and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing".

Reflex - Training Partners is an Experiential Training Organization that breaks shackles of conventional training.
As Adults we draw upon our experiences to support our learning. A change can only be inspired if we can relate to the fact that WE NEED THE CHANGE. And Reflex stimulates that change by providing trainings through the power of Theatre, Music and Outbound activities.


The traditional approach to any business is that it should work like a well-oiled machine. The right nuts and bolts in the right places help it function seamlessly. We, at Reflex believe that an organization is a living body that breathes and that has a mind and heart. The strength of the organization entirely depends on its health. After all, it's us humans that form an organization and that lead it to its success or downfall. Some of our flagship programs for corporates are:


A Stress management workshop through music: Stress can turn toxic, especially in the brutal economic environment we're in. Long hours, fear of what may be around the corner, and extreme multi-tasking both at home and work can take a real toll on our mental and emotional health. In this program, you'll discover the secrets to managing stress & striking an optimum work-life balance with ragas, rhythm & science. Drive personal satisfaction & enrichment from work and learn to use the proven techniques for navigating work-life divide

Grey Corridor

A behavioral Efficacy program for employees: The challenges that we face emotionally and physically in our every day corporate life are numerous. This could be with other employees (peers, bosses and teams) or with the culture, procedures and framework. This exclusive behavioral efficacy program provides a solution on how to handle the above challenges. Designed by our Corporate Theatre exponent, the training aims to help employees analyze the Behavioral barriers, Link stimulus & response to the logical framework, Understand roles & the process of planned change and Prioritize work & influence decisions

Sharpen the saw

A workshop on using Theatre in training: Corporate Theatre is where key organizational skills and behaviors are role-modeled, explored and dissected through drama-based modules. Theatre workshops are recognized as one of the most powerful learning methodologies today because they are predicated on the involvement of the participant. In this workshop the participants will be able to look at Theatre and its role in the emerging corporate training scenario, how and what trainings can be conducted using theatre and work on the Basics of theatre skills.


An Adolescent well-being Program: 41% of India's Population is below the age of 19. They say it's a period of Storm and Stress to be survived. But the Question is: are they Being Prepared?? Their Well Being is just not a Feeling, it's a Necessity Sun Beam is a program designed and delivered by experts, based on the World Health Organization's module which helps adolescents work on life skills such as creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, empathy , self-awareness , effective communication and coping with stress and emotions



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We had the Out bound REFLEX programme for our office - for as group of 35 with 12- 15 Omanis and everybody appreciated the fun & enjoyment along with the learnings ! Kudos to the Reflex team.

Tony Varghese

Business Director at Ras Al Hamra LLC, Muscat


Our trainings are entirely experiential in nature. Our delivery methodologies include theatre, music and other forms which impact the participants on a personal level thus making them realize the need for improvement in behavior's/skillsets. We conduct half a day, full day, or two day sessions depending on the need analysis conducted with our clients. Every program ais customized and tailor made and practical.

Any individual who requires a skill set improvement is a prospective participant, which is all of us. That said, our clients include Private organizations and MNCs from India and abroad from all sectors. We have successfully trained participants from IT, Education, Oil & Energy, Hospitality, etc. to name a few.

We work with small, medium and large organizations. We also provide individual coaching to Sr. Management depending on the requirement.

We deliver programs where the clients want us to.

We train internationally through our office is based in Bangalore. We can come to your site for training, or if you would like us to choose a venue for you we can do that as well.

Our facilitators comes with years of experience in the corporate world and also who are experts in their current field whether it Theatre, Music or Outbound.

Their experience combined with their expertise helps them to bring out the best in the participants and hence deliver a wholesome learning experience for them.